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We at Colossal Roofing provide all your residential roofing needs to your unique style. We work with:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal roofs

With your free Inspection by our experts, we will assess your roof to evaluate any defects or to see if the life of your roof can be extended through simple repairs or major repairs. Our experts will provide you with a comprehensive solution. Inspections and maintenance of your roof are a crucial part of keeping your roof and home in great condition. 

We believe it is imperative to keep your roof from wear and decline. 

Our experts can determine whether visible or serious damage is in question. We are offering you a free detailed and thorough inspection of your roof, followed by a detailed report and an honest estimate. 

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We can identify any kind of problems your roof has with great precision before they become major issues. Our goal is to protect your roof, your home investment and to save you money.

For us, it’s about precision, quality, attention to detail and our client’s satisfaction. We engage in every project with the same attitude, whether it’s a minor restoration, repair or a complete roof replacement.

Our expert inspectors will give you an honest assessment of whether you need repairs or a new rooftop. 

We won’t oversell or overcharge our services. If we can save your roof, you won’t need a new one.  Our professional inspectors will analyze your roofing system and also determine if any problems exist or if the life of your roof can be prolonged with an easy repair or renovation.

We offer the most budget-friendly roofing solutions. We will not sell you more service than what you need. We are truthful and trustworthy in our estimates. Our preventative maintenance programs protect your investments. Our inspectors will locate any possible problems and address them before they cause more harm or damage to save you money in the long run.

We are your trusted professionals at Colossal Roofing. If you are looking to change your roof, our professional installers will certainly see to it that the project is done the right way the very first time.

We are your Park City Residential roofing experts and here for all your roofing needs. Our focus on structural integrity, quality work and materials, and our customer’s satisfaction makes us your best choice for all of your roofing needs.

residential roofing in wichita

Maintenance and inspection are also a priority, no matter what kind of a roof you have or the condition it’s in. Having regular maintenance and inspections, you can keep your roof in great condition and prolong its lifespan while saving money in the long run.